Professor Raimo Lahti

Konsultant do spraw reform prawa karnego i polityki kryminalnej krajów skandynawskich



Curriculum vitae (summary; for a full cv and a list of publications, see


1. Personal information
– Full name: Raimo Otto Kalervo Lahti, Mr.
– Born: January 12, 1946, in Jyväskylä (rural community), Finland.
– Married to Senior Judge (Helsinki Court of Appeal; ret. 2006) Varpu Kekomäki; two adult children and five grandchildren.
– Email-address:

2. Education
– Master of Laws 1966, Licentiate of Laws 1967, Doctor of Laws [On the Waiving of Measures in the System of Criminal Sanctions] 1974, Master of Social Sciences (Sociology) 1971; all degrees at the University of Helsinki.
– Trained on the bench (Circuit Court Clerk and Deputy Circuit Judge), 1970–1971.

3. Full-time posts and academic positions
– Professor of Criminal Law, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law, 1979–2014, Professor Emeritus since July 1, 2014.
– Responsible Part-time Teacher in Medical Law and Biolaw, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law, 1997–2011.
– Visiting Scholar (Research Professor), Law School of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), 1983.
– Acting Professor and Professor in Criminal Law, University of Turku, 1974–1979.
– Acting Legislative Counselor, Ministry of Justice, 1970.
– Researcher in Criminal Sciences, Academy of Finland, 1970–1973.
– Research Assistant and Assistant in Criminal Law, University of Helsinki, 1967–1970.

4. Career-related official tasks and activities
– Elected as ad litem Judge to the International Criminal Court for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) by the United Nations General Assembly, 2005–2009.
– Member of the High Court of Impeachment, 1994–2000.
– Member of the Task Force on the Finnish Criminal Code Reform, Ministry of Justice, 1980–1999, individual expert tasks since 2000.
– Permanent Expert for the National Board of Health, 1970–1991; Permanent Expert for the National Authority of Medico-legal Affairs, 1992–2008; Chairman of the Commission on the Legal Safeguards in Health Care, appointed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, 1980–1982; Secretary of the Committee on the Reform of Abortion, Sterilization and Castration Legislation, appointed by the Council of State, 1967–1968.
– Numerous other expert tasks in legislative drafting for Parliamentary Committees, since 1969.

5. Career-related tasks in scientific administration
– Member of the National Advisory Board in Health Care Ethics, 1998–2002.
– Member of the Research Council for Culture and Research, Academy of Finland, 1995–1997.
– Editor-in-chief of the leading Finnish legal journal "Lakimies", 1991–1999.
– Member of the Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology, 1983–2000.

6. Tasks in non-governmental international and national organizations
– Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP) since 1978 and Vice-President of the AIDP since 1994; Chairman of the Finnish Section of the AIDP since 1987.
– Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society of Social Defense and Humane Criminal Policy (SiDS), since 2010.
– Member of the International Advisory Board of the European Institute of Criminal Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI), 1993–2012.
– Member of the Board of the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, 1995–2010.
– Chairman of the Finnish Association for European Criminal Law, since 1995.
– Chairman of the Finnish Section of the International Commission of Jurists, 1985–1989.
– Has been Chairman or Member of the Board in numerous Finnish scientific organizations.

7. Research projects, post-graduate education and publications
– Director of following research projects financed by extra-budgetary funding (in which one or more doctoral candidates have been involved):  Military criminal justice, 1982–1984 (funded, i.a., by Defence Command); Medical law, 1982–1991 (National Board of Health); Theoretical foundations of criminal law, 1987–1989 (Research Fund of the University of Helsinki); Status and rights of patients, 1995–1997 (Research Fund of the University of Helsinki); Biomedicine and law, 1998–2000 (Academy of Finland); Economic criminal law, 2001–2009 (Ministry of Interior); Pluralism in criminal law, 2004–2005 (Academy of Finland); Theoretical foundations of biolaw, especially the legal dimensions of the research on human embryos and stem cell, 2005–2008 (Academy of Finland); Scientific research and law, 2009–2011 (Academy of Finland); Reuse of the data of social sciences and humanities, 2012–2014 (Kone Foundation); Criminalizing cartels in Finland, 2013–2014 (Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority);  Legal and ethical issues of the personalized medicine to predict and prevent Type 1 Diabetes, 2015–2019 (Academy of Finland). 
– Supervisor of 29 finalized doctoral theses (12 of them during 2006–2016); supervisor of over 10 doctoral theses in progress.
– Over 300 publications in the fields of criminal sciences as well as in medical law and biolaw; over 90 of these published in foreign (English, German, French) languages.

8. Honours and awards
– Medal "SL K": Knight Commander of the Order of the Lion in Finland, bestowed by the President of the Republic on December 6, 2005.
– Medal "SVR R I": Knight I of the Order of the White Rose in Finland, bestowed by the President of the Republic on December 6, 1995.
– Medal "XXX" (for the 30 years' career as a civil servant), bestowed by the President of the Republic of Finland on December 1, 2000.
– Fellowship in the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, awarded on April 9, 1984.
– Writings in criminal sciences in honour of Raimo Lahti on his 60th birthday, January 12, 2006 [in Finnish]: "Rikosoikeudellisia kirjoituksia VIII Raimo Lahdelle 12.1.2006 omistettu." Publications of the Finnish Lawyers' Association, Series A, No. 268. Helsinki 2006. XII + 559 p. (Bibliography of Raimo Lahti, ibid. pp. 541-559.)
– Festschrift in Honour of Raimo Lahti. Edited by Kimmo Nuotio. Forum Iuris, University of Helsinki, Helsinki 2007. VIII + 374 pp.